Peerberry Review (2019)

How to Invest Money

Peerberry’s strength for a lot of people is the fact that you can invest in a variety of loan types and all of them have some sort of backing that you can focus on. The benefit with Peerberry is that while it might not have the highest rates, it does offer a plethora of options to invest in. The platform has been around for quite some time and that does bring in plenty of companies and people that want loans here. And yes, you get to benefit from that with a great ROI.

Opening a new account

We found that opening a new account takes a few minutes. Peerberry offers a seamless registration, something that also translates into ease of use for the site as a whole. We particularly found the site to be very helpful when it comes to sharing your data. They don’t share your data without your consent, which is actually very important in today’s day and age. A lot of data is already online, but it’s important to provide customers with a way to choose what and where to invest in. Which is exactly what you want to focus on for the most part.

Transfer speeds

They use TransferWise in order to transfer money to the Peerberry account. The transfer will be completed in 2 days, which is actually pretty quick for a service like this. It would be better to have it done quickly, but for the most part this is good enough to not cause any issues. Of course you want to invest faster and faster, but it’s hard until you start getting the ball rolling. Once you do that, the results can be great and that’s exactly what you need to focus on the most.

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Loan investments

There are dozens of loans available at any given time. What you will notice with Peerberry is that everything shared here is very handy and it does have the potential to help you with investments. Every loan has its dedicated page, you get to see the term, interest rate, loan type and so on.

Peerberry has real estate loans, but it also has short loans too. Both of these are great options, but it’s still nice to have a diverse portfolio when it comes to loans. And this certainly delivers when it comes to getting the utmost value for the loan as a whole. We recommend you to check the country you are lending towards as well. It might not seem like much, but some people are interested in such details and in that case you do want to check that out and give it a shot as much as possible.

Automatic investment

Peerberry’s automatic investment tool is the best one that you can find out there for a lot of people. And that’s because it’s extremely simple to adapt to your own needs. You can select the active portfolio, the portfolio size, how much you will invest in a loan, what interest rate you are interested in and so on.

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The great thing about this feature in particular is that they basically let you select all the major info if you want. Or you can keep it stock. Actually, the basic, default systems are very good to begin with and you won’t have to worry about major investment issues or anything like that. It certainly works and you will be pretty happy with the outcome as a whole.

Expected rates

The Peerberry interest rates will be around 9% to 11% and only a few times a bit more than that. Yes, it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but these are short term loans for the most part. There are 15% ROI options in the case of real estate loans, however those are long term and that’s why you need to think about them if possible. We recommend you to identify what reward you want the most and based on that you will indeed be able to acquire some great results. It certainly works in a masterful way and the return on investment will be downright amazing once you time everything right and customize the process.

30-day loans

Yes, this is not a concept that you see everywhere especially in the P2P lending world. But you do have the opportunity to invest in loans that are so short. Obviously the ROI is not huge, but it’s still ok considering the fact that you are not spending a lot here anyway.

Plus, there’s also the fact that they have a buyback guarantee. You will get your money back and the accrued interest, which might be quite an interesting thing to have with all of this. What you do need to think about is exactly what you want to invest in and whether you have the right amount of money for it or not. That can work amazingly well and you will enjoy it all the same.

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Is Peerberry a profitable platform?

At first glance you know that investing in short term loans won’t give you the best ROI. But you do have the option to diversify your portfolio and try out new investments all the time. That can be a challenge for sure, but as long as you know exactly what to invest in and how to do it you will be just fine. Ideally you want to stick to lower amounts at first, just to be safe.

A lot of people use Peerberry with smaller investments at once. If this works for you and you are happy you can select how much to invest and then use the autoinvest tool. It works great for every investment type and you can leave it by default or you can customize it. Either way, the value you receive is more than impressive for what it is, and in the end you will enjoy the results. We encourage you to opt for Peerberry if you want to invest in short term loans. It might not bring you the ultimate ROI right away, but it will help in the long run!

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