P2P Platform Envestio Is Simply the Best – Review (2019)

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A newly famous asset type for peer to peer lending, Envestio is another great platform based in Estonia. It’s a relatively different platform from the usual ones and has a very high clientele. It has great and positive reviews that tell us that Envestio is a safe and stable platform that is gaining popularity by the day.

With peer to peer lending increasing nowadays, Envestio is one platform that never fails its users. Here is all you need to know about Envestio as a peer to peer lending site, so let’s begin:

The Envestio platform – the basics

As compared to other similar peer to peer lending websites, Envestio is a bit different because it proposes projects that are unique and innovative. You will occasionally come across projects that include building a cryptocurrency mining farm or even a business that recycles electronics. And as a result, the yields offered by Envestio are much higher than other peer to peer lending platforms.

This figure can go up to 20% and even higher depending on the business that you invest in. You should also know that most of the projects are backed by buyback guarantee for the principal amount of each loan. This means that you will get back the money you originally invested in a business in the case that a project defaults or fails.

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Opening an Envestio account:

The very first step before you begin investing is to open an account and deposit your investment funds. The whole process will take you about 5-10 minutes. After this, your ID will be verified, and this is only required when you have to withdraw your money.

To deposit your money, you will have to provide an IBAN number and a reference number that will be used to fund your account. You will have no problems withdrawing money, and the entire process is extremely hassle free.

Investing in different projects using Envestio:

You can go to the user-friendly interface of Envestio and browse through the available projects and invest in any if you find it appealing. There are projects in every field, and the uniqueness of each one will allow you to specifically choose one with the most potential.

For each project you browse through you will see some key numbers relating to the loan and these include, interest rate, term, type, and other additional information. You can keep your money 100% safe in case of defaults by going through each projects repurchase guarantee.

Other additional features in Envestio:

Once you make an account on this platform, you will notice the additional cool features, for example, the statistics model. This will enable you to really see the state and position of your portfolio and the entire history of your portfolio’s values and the returns that you have received.  The site also plans to introduce a highly accessible and easy function, known as Auto-invest.

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You can also avail the other numerous cool features to overview your progress and monitor the businesses positions and results. This will easily allow you to invest in those with the highest returns and stability.

Should you make an investment using Envestio?

Many people who are turning to peer to peer lending, also turn to Envestio because of the features it has and the safety it ensures for investors. They have the highest yielding and innovative projects that will surely never leave you disappointed.

In addition to this, your principal is always safe which basically means that you have nothing to worry about. With its incredible user and interface, Envestio never fails to provide back to you. Using this platform, you can easily expand your investment portfolio, and following the high yield it offers you, your portfolio will look better than ever.

With its premium level investment opportunities, you can diversify your portfolio into unique and outstanding ventures. You can also obtain a referral bonus, always a major plus.

Envestio has great reviews coming in every day. You can safely place your investment in a business that you find most appealing and profitable. With the high yields, you can expand the value of your portfolio and always come back for more.

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