My portfolio update: September 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

After couple of weeks I am back with new numbers. P2P Portfolio was the best earning portfolio last month even I moved some of my money from there over to Real estate portfolio. Hopefully in October I will finally sign the agreement for the 2 brand new apartments which are being built at the moment and will be ready in February 2021. I still need to withdraw some more cash from P2P portfolio and put it down as a deposit. Anyway September was very short month for me because most of the month I spent on my holidays with my girlfriend in Jordan. It was very relaxed month and I can not wait when my whole life will be paid from my passive income and I can have permanent holidays. Hopefully it will be soon.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Still not happy but still in profit… in September my Cryptocurrency portfolio lost another 660,51 EUR which is not so much like months before but it has been still a loss. When I was writing the August 2019 update about 2 weeks ago it was about 1500 EUR in profit for the month of September but then it suddenly lost the whole profit and loss a little bit more to finish as a loss of 660,51 EUR. That’s why I am not happy with my Crypto.

My portfolio update: June 2019

I hope this was the last month where the profit has not been made and from next month this portfolio will start making money like few months before. The cryptocurrencies I hold have definitely a potential to succeed. It is only a question of time. But as we say: Time is money!

The total loss was 660,51 EUR and current value of my portfolio is 10.714,89 EUR. Back to numbers of My Cryptocurrency Portfolio:

P2P Portfolio

Profit from this portfolio was 852,12 EUR in September. As usual the big gainers were EnvestioCrowdestorMintos, Grupeer and Crowdestate and these big 5 P2P platforms have produced 93 % of my total P2P profit. As you can see I am slowly reducing the balance of some P2P platforms just to keep the main platforms in action. It takes a lot of time to manage 13 different platforms and my goal is to have about 5 best, safe and high yield platforms in my portfolio. It will take a year or so to reduce the balance but I am not in hurry.

My portfolio update: March 2019

Also some of the money I am moving from this portfolio to real estate as I would like to buy 2 more apartments I was talking about last month. This will also not happen overnight, it will take some time due to I do not have to pay the whole amount at once but it can be divided in a few small payments. Once I am done with this my spare cash will flow again into P2P portfolio as I did not find any better option how to make so much money with so less risk (I only buy loans with buyback guarantee).

Here is my update for P2P Portfolio:

Real Estate Portfolio

Here I do not have too much news. But no news is good news. All my 3 apartments are still rented and I hope it will stay so. As I said before I am in the middle of signing new agreement to allow me to buy 2 new apartments which are being built at this moment. After this I will proudly own 5 apartments. I know it is not too many, I know people owning 50 apartments but I am not so greedy or another words I am not so rich, haha.

My portfolio update: April 2019

Please find my Real Estate portfolio below:


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Sharing is caring. This is all for this month. Have a wonderful October, a lot of fun, drinks and easy money. See you in a month.

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