My portfolio update: November 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

Ho ho ho, Xmas is coming… and not only this. In December we will be celebrating that my blog is already one year old so I can finally review how all my investments have been doing during 2019, what did I do wrong, what right so you can learn something new from my mistakes.

What are the highlights of this month? The highest profit in November came from P2P investments, steady profit from real estate business and unfortunately my cryptocurrency portfolio lost big again.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

My Cryptocurrency portfolio lost 1.550,05 EUR in November. After the huge profit of 2.519,52 EUR which I made last month I was very optimistic this trend will continue. But this did not happen. So let hope for the better months.

BAT lost 908,79 EUR then XRP lost 627,29 EUR and last ADA with a small loss of 13,97 EUR.

The total loss was 1.550,05 EUR and current value of my portfolio is 11.684,36 EUR. Back to numbers of My Cryptocurrency Portfolio:

P2P Portfolio

Profit from this portfolio was 817,04 EUR in November. As usual the big gainers were EnvestioCrowdestorCrowdestate and Grupeer and these big 4 P2P platforms have produced 94 % of my total P2P profit. The trend slowly reducing of the balances of some P2P platforms just to keep the main platforms in action continued this month too. I took out about 5.000 EUR. This money will be used for the 2nd payment for my 2 brand new apartments I was writing about last month. So basically I am moving it to real estate portfolio but you will not see them there until the apartments are ready and mine which will be around February 2021.

After one year of investing in P2P platforms I am sure now once my 2 new apartments are sorted and I will have some spare cash this money will flow into P2P. It is really best opportunity how to made some nice and easy profit.

Here is my update for P2P Portfolio:

Real Estate Portfolio

Same like last month or month before I have only good news. Money for rent landed on my account as per schedule, November was not too cold month so the builders could work on the other two new apartments so I will get them as per agreement and there will not be any delays.

Please find my Real Estate portfolio below:


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This is all for this month. Have a wonderful Christmas, a lot of fun, drinks and easy money. See you in next year.

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