My portfolio update: March 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

March is already over and I am glad to bring you another highly positive update of my portfolio.

Crypto Portfolio

This month was incredible and my crypto portfolio was doing extremely well. Crypto profit for the month was 5 076,91 € and the current value grew up from 11 447,13 € to 16 524,04 € which equals to an increase of 44,35 %. Hopefully this trend will continue and we will be able to make some good and easy money. I made the first trade on the 15. 12. 2018 where I bought 3 cryptocurrencies – XRP, BAT and MANA. I planned to hold them for a while because here you have to have a patience to make a profit. I was not too patient with MANA so I traded it on the 28. 3. 2019 for ADA. ADA was doing great lately and I really like this coin. I personally think it has a perspective for the future.

I also wrote a quick guide How to Buy Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency.

Anyway here is my update for My Crypto Portfolio:

Cryptocurrency Invested Monthly Income Yield Current Value View my Account
2 705,00 € € 15,78 33,96% € 2 972,90  class=
4 345,00 € € 4 213,12 421,16% € 9 682,31  class=
3600.03 € 268,80 689,23% € 3 868,83  class=
-650.03 € 579,21 78,46% € 0,00  class=
Total 10 000,00 € 5076.91 16524.04
My portfolio update: May 2019

P2P Portfolio

P2P portfolio was also doing great. The profit for the month was 931,77 €. I moved 5 410 € from Mintos, 156 € from Iuvo Group and 18 € from Crowdestate to Envestio (1 406 €) and Crowdestor (4 178 €) just to increase the profit. I did not find too many loans available on Mintos with the interest over 12% so basically it was the main reason I have moved some money to different P2P platforms.

I published 6 reviews this month for Crowdestate, Crowdestor, Mintos, Fast Invest, Grupeer and Robocash. Review for Envestio was already there. Feel free to comment or open a discussion. You can find all of them under Reviews menu.

Last month I was working very hard on this website. From now on you can spy on every single P2P account of my portfolio. You will see how they perform from month to month, every single deposit, withdrawal, interest, bonus, fee, screenshots of my account since I started investing in P2P lending and also my income graph. If you want to see more information please let me know.

Here is my update for P2P Portfolio:

Real Estate Portfolio

My both apartments have been working very hard for me and I have really enjoyed it. I received both rents as per agreement with my tenants and there is not too much to report here. Profit was 520 €. I am still looking for another two apartments I can buy this year but so far not luck.

Anyway here is my update for Real Estate portfolio:

Sports investing Portfolio

This has started on the 1st of April 2019. Here I invested 2000 € and I will bring the first update in one month. It is about betting on MLB baseball games. The ROI is high and I am excited to try this kind of investing which is probably more gambling than investing. Anyway let see the results in one month so we can judge it then.

If you want to receive more updates, reviews and other interesting information please hit like on my facebook page. More reviews are coming next month. So have a good month, make a lot of easy money (passive income) and see you in a month. Adios amigos.

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