My portfolio update: July 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

Finally I am here with the July’s monthly update. I am sorry for posting this update so late but I bought my third apartment and I was working very hard on it from early morning to late evening. I wanted to have it ready to be rented asap. You can see the virtual tour here and let me know if you like it. The total cost was 60.000 EUR but I only paid 20.000 EUR in cash. It was 5.000 EUR from my savings and 15.000 EUR I withdrawn from my P2P platforms. The rest 40.000 EUR I received from my loyal bank.

I still need to put 2 more deposits on 2 new apartments I was talking about last month. Unfortunately my savings are dry so I will have to use my P2P lending platforms and take some more money out in August / September.

Ok let start talking what has happened in July in Crypto, P2P and Reality portfolio.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Oh my God! These are the words I say every morning while looking at my portfolio. I should trade all my Altcoins when the market value was 20.000 EUR and buy bitcoins. At the moment my portfolio is worth around 15.000 EUR, I know it is still 5.000 EUR in profit but it could be better. Every day is dropping down by few hundreds so it does not look any better. All I believe is the Altcoins time is coming but it will not be so early. It is late to trade it now so I will hold them for another few months / years. Hopefully this will be a good decision. In this crypto business nobody knows when will be the next bull run. So hopefully next month or even next winter will be for me better in numbers than this summer.

My portfolio update: November 2019

The total loss was 4.694,01 EUR and current value of my portfolio is 15.015,20 EUR. Back to numbers of My Cryptocurrency Portfolio:

P2P Portfolio

P2P produced a nice profit of 882,24 EUR in July. As usual the big gainers were EnvestioCrowdestorMintos, Grupeer and Crowdestate and these big 5 P2P platforms have produced 86 % of my total P2P profit. I like the high yield revenue especially from Envestio and Crowdestor.

So far I have not got any problems with any of the platforms from big 5 and all of them paying the interest and principals on time. This is what we need. All our loans to be paid when expected, high interests and a lot of quality project we can invested in. If you want to get more, please check the bonuses and cashback campaigns I have listed under “P2P Bonus Offers”.

Here is my update for P2P Portfolio:

Real Estate Portfolio

As I already have written I bought my 3rd apartment and at the moment I am looking for a new tenants. So hopefully from next month you will see new cashflow in my Real estate portfolio. It was a nice apartment and one of my real estate agent brought it to my attention. He also dealt with bank and all I need to do was to sign the contract and transfer money.

As I said last month I have also 2 brand new apartments in the pipeline which will be ready early 2021. I still have not paid the deposit but I will do in August / September to secure them for me. I will keep you inform how it goes.

Other than that nothing special happened here. My tenants sent the rent couple days earlier and I have not hear about any problems from them.

Please find my Real Estate portfolio below:


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Sharing is caring. This is all for this month. Have a wonderful summer, a lot of sun, drinks and easy money. See you in a month or couple of weeks.

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6 thoughts on “My portfolio update: July 2019

  1. Hi do you think it makes sense to invest into real estate at the moment with prices constantly rising ? Wouldn’t it be better to wait for the the bubble to burst and then purchase properties ?
    Otherwise very interesting blog. I enjoy reading it. Thank you

    1. Hi Elwira,
      sorry for late reply but my answer is yes. But not every single real estate is suitable to invest in. You have to have numbers to bring you ROI not only now but also in the future. You have to search the real estate market and find the property which has potential.

      1. Real estate
        Thank you for your answer. I was also travelling a lot so did not have time to check your website. I have one more question towards real estate do you usually look for the places to buy by yourself or do you have person/people in real estate, who advise you or potentially work with a real estate agency ? I realised that in my case if I did not want to sacrifice a certain amount of time on it it would be difficult to make informed choices. Anyway thank you for this blog I really enjoy reading it.

        1. Thanks for your positive feedback Elwira. I do look for my real estate opportunity myself but I also have few real estate agencies which send me an email if they have something I could be interested in.

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