My portfolio update: January 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

I am so glad I discovered Peer-to-peer lending last year. I have to say this was really a love at first sight. P2P lending acquires the confidence of mine really fast and it became one of my favorite ways to invest money. To be exact I invested half of my savings into P2PL.

I started in December last year but shortly I decided to move all money from Twino to Envestio and Crowdestor because Twino has no investment opportunities and if there was something the return was really low. Envestio and Crowdestor became my favorites together with Mintos and Fast Invest. I will call them BIG 4. Why? Because I allocated 71 % of my crowdlending money into these 4 Peer-to-peer lending platforms.

You can see that some of my loans will be repaid together with interest at the maturity date (Crowdestate, Estateguru) due to T&C’s of loans I bought. But most of the P2P lending platforms paying the interest every month. Let compare my January crowdlending figures to December figures. Oh yes, they jumped from -885,01 € to 690,71 € and I estimate them to be an average 900 € per month which is great for passive income, isn’t it?

My real estate investment was doing great as well. It is steady with a nice netto rent of 400 € per month. The tenant is a nice guy, paying every month on time and so far I have not heard any complaints from him. So another handy investment bringing me a passive income.

My portfolio update: September 2019

And my crypto currency investment? Ohhhhhhhh, it was doing so great in December last year with a profit of 1003,64 € but in January I lost all my profit and even more. The total loss was 1682,73 €. Anyway I planned the loss for this kind of investment and I expect the loss can go even deeper for some time but in the end I will be the one who will laugh. Why? Because crypto currency is the future of our planet. It is a global thing and it will survive. I am a hodler. A hodler is a person who hodls. “Hodl” is Bitcoin’s term for “hold”. I will keep my 10 000 € in crypto currencies for few years and I am not into selling them any time soon. So the easy way I lost on crypto last month the same way I can earn big money next month or later.

Are you ready to see the numbers? Let spy on my portfolio update: January 2019.

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