My portfolio update: February 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

Another month is over, the stats are here and we are able to analyze our investments – the profits and losses (this month only Profits). I am glad to share with you my experiences, good and bad, so you can gain from the good and avoid the bad. This was my idea when I first launched this blog – to help ordinary people, to show them that money can be made easier and faster and to share some tips. You already know that here you can watch my own way to financial freedom. I post a review of my financial freedom journey every month. If you know any shortcuts please spread the word. It will make me happy and I will be very thankful to you.

Ok let start reviewing last month.

I have to say February was incredible. This month flew so fast for me. Some of my friends already knew that I was looking to buy a 2nd apartment and I was waiting on my bank to approve my credit. They did it actually in January 2019 but I could find the right apartment which will be ready to be rented within couple of weeks. Basically I was looking for an apartment where is everything done so I actually do not have to do anything just to look for new tenants.

My portfolio update: January 2019

I was searching all the real estate websites every day, viewing some apartments since January but there was nothing on the market I liked. But this day finally came. Bingooooo! This is the apartment I want to have. I even have not say to my real estate agent I need more time to think about it. I decided at the first minute he opened the door of the apartment. The same day we went to the bank and because I already own credit certificate everything went so smoothly and on the 15th of February I became proudly a new owner of another apartment. I placed the advertising on the reality portal to find a new tenant and I must say I find him really quickly. He moved into my apartment few days ago and paid in advance plus the deposit money on the top of rent.

By the end of this year I would like to double the amount of apartments I own to four. I am still looking for some good apartments at the price below market. So hopefully I will find some.

How was my Peer-to-Peer Lending getting on?

You already know it is my favourite way to invest money. So I kept the whole portfolio of 75k and did not withdraw anything. Basically I actually did withdraw some money but the next day I deposited it in different P2P lending platform again. I am slowly reducing my Bondora account and Iuvo-group account. They did not really impressed me so much like I was expecting.

My portfolio update: November 2019

The same happened to my Mintos account. I know Mintos is a Third time winner of the AltFi’s People’s Choice Award! But for some days I could not find any loans with over 12 % rate so I decided to half the money from 20k to 10k and move the other 10k to different platforms. (Crowdestate, Grupeer, Fast Invest) These platforms offer better interest rates, I am getting the interest paid as per schedule (no delays, no defauls) and their customer service value their customers better than Mintos. I was waiting over a week to get the answer from Mintos I was looking for and the answer I have got was not the one I was looking for. Anyway I received Campaign Rewards of 186,86 € which boost my income from Mintos and I am really thankful to Mintos for it.

The main investment I did this month was in Crowdestate. I invested 4 800 € in one project bringing me 16 % interest. I also re-invested all my income from P2P back to P2P again. So from my original investment of 67 600 € (started December 2018) I am now on 75 858,66 €. I added to my portfolio 7 400 € since the start and the income from P2P was 858,66 € up to now, which is really good compare to few cents offered by the banks.

My portfolio update: October 2019

I prepared a small challenge for me for the next month. I have to post six P2P platform reviews within next 6 days. Hopefully they will help some of you to decide where to invest.

And what about my crypto currency investment?

It was an amazing month. I really liked watching to grow my crypto portfolio. The loss from last month was cleared and even some chunky profit was added on the top of it. And this is the crypto life. One month loss another big profit. I know it is not for everyone, sometimes it is not even for me but I am kind of aggressive investor. I am not afraid to take some reasonable risk which can be paid by good profit. Crypto is the future. If you want to buy some please feel free to use our new app on our website.

Are you ready to see the numbers? Let spy on my portfolio update: February 2019

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