My portfolio update: August 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

I apologize for a late post but I was on my holidays in Jordan. It is a very nice country and I have to say the people over there have been very polite to us. There is plenty to see there from the capital Amman through Dead sea then Petra (one of the new 7 wonders of the world) and land of desert and finally Red sea with plenty of fishes and corals. Anyway it was a very nice long holidays and I am looking to another one hopefully coming very soon. This post will not be as long as usual as there is another post coming in couple of weeks. Let start. So what has happened in August?

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Oh my God, OMG, OMG… again a big loss of 3.639,80 EUR but still in tiny profit of 1.375,40 EUR since the start. September does not look so bad as August so let hope to start gaining some profit from now on up to the end of this year.

The total loss was 3.639,80 EUR and current value of my portfolio is 11.375,40 EUR. Back to numbers of My Cryptocurrency Portfolio:

P2P Portfolio

P2P produced a nice profit of 797,52 EUR in August. As usual the big gainers were EnvestioCrowdestorMintos, Grupeer and Crowdestate and these big 5 P2P platforms have produced 92 % of my total P2P profit. I like the high yield revenue especially from Envestio and Crowdestor.

I have moved some cash from P2P into my new Apartment and I will still need some more cash for the new apartments but more about this later.

Here is my update for P2P Portfolio:

Real Estate Portfolio

My third apartment has been rented out very quickly and I have to say together with the other 2 apartments it was the best buy I have ever made in my life. The rent is steady and this investment is very safe. I can not wait until I will sign the other contract for the 2 new apartments which will be ready in 02/2021. I will have to send 3 payments before the apartments will be ready so you will see me moving some cash from P2P into Real Estate Portfolio. But I will try to keep my money in P2P as long as possible to gain the interest because you will never get so high interest anywhere else like on P2P loans platforms.

My portfolio update: June 2019

Please find my Real Estate portfolio below:


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Sharing is caring. This is all for this month. Have a wonderful summer, a lot of sun, drinks and easy money. See you in couple of weeks.

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