My portfolio update: April 2019

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Hi P2P lenders, Reality investors and Cryptocurrency investors!

It is hard to believe April is already over and I am here to present you new numbers from my portfolio again.

Crypto Portfolio

Main part of my profit came again from cryptocurrencies. It was 3 973,63 € but I have to say there was only 1 cryptocurrency which produced this profit. It was BAT – Basic Attention Token. BAT crypto token backs the Brave Browser that is meant to offer a simplified solution. The competence of the team in addition to evident demands for a solution predicts it to become a reasonably popular browser. It could end up becoming a popular crypto token in the coming future.

What exactly is the Brave Browser? In simple words, it intends to be an elegant solution for the data-hungry, manipulative, and ad-infested internet. The browser is much faster than the others we have been using till date. It is possible as it blocks out trackers and ads used by websites. It comes with an in-built micropayment system allowing its users to send cryptocurrencies to the publishers they appreciate. The team is also looking to launch a simpler ad network that can help in reducing click frauds while being cheaper for digital advertisers. It is to be seen if Brave and BAT-USD (Basic Attention token) can live up to its hype.

I have also downloaded it just few weeks ago and I must say this is the best browser I have ever used. Google Chrome, Mozzila or Internet Explorer are just worst, slower and far behind this new browser. You can download it completely free here.

This month I decided to transfer all my cryptos from Binance exchange to my hardware wallet (Ledger Bitcoin Wallet Nano S). It is more safe to have all your coins and tokens in your hardware wallet if you want to hold them for long time than to keep them on the exchange accounts. Even the big exchange like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase should be safe you have to remain alert all the time.

My portfolio update: January 2019

To track my portfolio I choose “Delta” – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker App and I am very happy with it. So far it was the best tracker I have used and it is completely free. You can use it as a mobile app or a desktop app. I downloaded both and both works just perfect. Here is the link for the desktop download.

Anyway here is my update for My Crypto Portfolio:

P2P Portfolio

P2P portfolio produced a nice profit of 1 274,63 €. Most of it came from my top 4 P2P lending platforms.

Envestio produced the highest profit of 438,97 € where 198,04 € came from interest and 240,93 € from affiliate bonuses thanks to you guys. This will keep my blog alive. A few new projects have been put on platform and as usual they have been funded within couple of hours. You definitely have to have your money ready on the account when you want to grab part from the best yield loans on the market. This month I deposited and invested 1 459,62 € which came from other P2P platforms with lower interest rate. You can also read or listen to my review here.

Do not forget that there are two types of bonuses available at Envestio. If you sign up at Envestio through the link below and deposit at least € 100  you will receive:

Crowdestor has been my 2nd best profit maker with 271,39 € this month. A lot of new projects have been posted and funded within couple of days. This platform is becoming well known within the P2P community as one of the best on the market. This month they reduced the minimum investment requirements from 100 € to 50 €. This will help to smaller investors to discover this very attractive P2P platform even faster. You can also read or listen to my review here.

My portfolio update: May 2019

The 3rd best profit maker is traditionally Mintos with its 221,63 € this month. Mintos helped to fund loans in grand total of the 2 billion euros. This is the highest amount of loans funded by a single P2P platform on the market. If you are interested in all numbers you can download the 2018 Annual Report which has all the details for investors here. Recently Mintos added plenty of loans with the returns between 14,50 – 15,10 %. Finally I was able to invest in loans with more than the usual 12 %. Hopefully we will see more loans like this in the future.

If you sign up at Mintos using the link below, you will receive a 1 % bonus of all investments made within the first 90 days after sign up. You can also read or listen to my review here.

The last from my Top 4 P2P lending platforms was Grupeer with monthly profit of 130,13 €. Grupeer has added few loans with the interest rate of 13 % this month. All with the buyback guarantee as usual. You can also read or listen to my review here.

I published 6 reviews this month for Iuvo-group, Peerberry, Estateguru, Viainvest, Lendy and Bondora. Feel free to comment or open a discussion. You can find all of them under menu Reviews.

This month I also experienced very bad situation with Lendy. The project I invested in has defaulted and it will take now a few months to get my investment back. Please be aware that they have recently a lots of project defaulted and I would not definitely invest in this platform at all. I can not sell my loans here due to they being suspended. So be aware of this and also of their banking issues.

My portfolio update: November 2019

The second investment which is not going according the schedule is from Bondora. I am trying to sell this investment and to close my account here but no luck. I am lucky I was able withdraw most of my money from here and invest in other platforms with more liquidity and profitability.

Here is my update for P2P Portfolio:

Real Estate Portfolio

Here is not to much to report. Both rental incomes hit my account as per schedule and the profit was 520 €. I am still on hunt for another two apartments with great ROI. But no luck at the moment. Hopefully next few months will be more apartments listed for sale.

Anyway here is my update for Real Estate portfolio:

Sports investing Portfolio

I was able to put all my systems I used for baseball in one place. More you can find on

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