Mintos Review (2019)

How to Invest Money

The idea of having a marketplace where you can ask for loans or help people that need loans does make a lot of sense. If you need cash fast, then having a reliable way to acquire a loan is super important. And Mintos does provide you with that opportunity.

What is Mintos?

At its core, the idea behind Mintos is very simple. This is a peer to peer lending platform, which means you can invest and acquire your money back with interest after a short while. The platform accepts investors from more than 70 countries in total. And they do have loans for pawnbroking, invoice financing, business, agriculture, cars, short term or long term loans and so on.

Unlike other companies in this industry, Mintos has already funded more than 1.5 billion EUR in loans and it continues to grow. So it definitely has amazing potential and it has the opportunity to bring in some resounding benefits and results. Yes, it does take a little bit of time to get used to the idea behind the platform. But once you do that you will find it extremely interesting and unique.

Multiple strategies to choose from

Mintos has some great ideas here, because they offer predefined strategies. The short term strategy will go from 7% interest rate and up, the secured loan strategy also goes from 10%, with the diversified strategy giving you 12%. This comes in handy quite a lot since you have multiple options to select here and each one of them can grow and evolve based on how you approach it. Yes, it’s certainly taking a little bit to adapt to every situation but for the most part the approach is clear and the results are pretty amazing.

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You know all the terms right before you agree to the investment and you can also choose to stay away from some investments if they don’t seem ok. The fact that you have a secondary market is actually quite good, because it makes things easier to deal with and handle, all while bringing in assistance and support whenever you need it the most.

Automated investments

We found that Mintos in particular tend to be pretty interesting. You will have to pick the currency, you will see the originators and then you see the loans they can provide, where they operate and so on. You can invest in loans with buyback or without buyback. The site does have multiple filters to ensure that you know exactly what you are investing in and if you want other investment opportunities you can access those as well.

At the bottom of the screen you will have graphs that show you the interest rate range and the overall term. You can use this tool as a great way to estimate just how much you can earn, if a loan is viable or not and whether you can get a tremendous value on this or not.

What we like here is that you can diversify the portfolio over multiple originators. You will help mitigate risks, and you should do that anyways. Just because a loan type is profitable now, that doesn’t mean it will be like that in a year. Which is why you have to try and diversify your approach to investing, especially if you want to profit from it. Thankfully the automated investment opportunity from Mintos does that automatically as long as you choose to do so when you customize everything.

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Is there any buyback guarantee?

This is one of the few platforms in the industry that actually has a buyback option. This takes place after 60 days and it will have the accrued interest and the outstanding principal. They do a very good job here because not having buyback guarantees is problematic here. But in the end bringing in such a solution has the potential to pay off big time and you will be incredibly happy with the way everything works.

User interface

When you choose to invest via a website like Mintos, you want to be sure that they have the infrastructure needed to do such a thing. And Mintos certainly delivers here. They have a great set of filters and the browsing system is comprehensive, professional and easy to use.

What some people may not like is that they tend to re-arrange the website design so it can match new settings. They are also changing the auto-invest option too, at least at times. So it’s a good idea to check on the investments to see if stuff changed, if you need to correct it or not. While we didn’t have such a problem ourselves, others did and it’s important to try and track it as much as possible.

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Do these loans have collaterals?

Some do, and these tend to be the best for you if you want to invest. That’s because they tend to have either a vehicle or real estate collateral. These are few and far in between, since most of them don’t really tend to deliver so much to say the least. What you want to do is to actively take your time and constantly adjust and adapt to this as much as possible. You will particularly like the great attention to detail that Mintos brings to the table here, since they do try to get as many loans with collaterals as possible.


  • Numerous lenders and lots of investment features
  • Interest rates are rather attractive
  • Multiple loan types and various risk profiles
  • Great investment packages


  • Most investments are in Eastern Europe
  • The reporting status is not comprehensive
  • You will find lots of small lenders with no/little track record

Mintos is one of those platforms that can give you resounding investment benefits. Even if it feels a bit too complex at times, this is one of those platforms that will offer you outstanding ROI and a great value for the money. The autoinvest option is amazing and they do support the secondary market too, which is always impressive and helpful. Since Mintos has been around for quite a lot of time, they do have a great investment infrastructure and that certainly lowers the risk. You still have to pay attention to what you invest in, but for the most part you will find the majority of these investments to be rather profitable!

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