Grupeer Review (2019)

How to Invest Money

Online investments are always a good idea if you want to make the most out of your money. The trick with investing in online platforms is that you need to find a reliable and professional one. With so many scams out there, it’s important to understand what you are getting into and what platform delivers the best value to you and which is super efficient. That’s what Grupeer promises, but does it deliver. We will see in this Grupeer review.

What is Grupeer?

Grupeer is P2P lending service created in 2016 in Latvia and until this point it gave out 16 million Euro in loans to investors from more than 60 countries. They are offering project and business loans too. That approach makes it different when compared to other platforms because it’s very efficient, easy to use and adaptable to your own requirements.

Grupeer expected terms

That will obviously differ based on the investment opportunity you choose to work on. Some of the investment terms will be 12 months, but the longest ones are up to 2 years, more particularly 23 months. It’s interesting to see that terms tend to vary, because it’s a rather efficient system and one that can easily be adapted and molded to your own requirements. It will still deliver the value and quality you want but at the same time you have more options than you would imagine.

A thing to note about Grupeer is that it does have more than 10 loan originators, 14 to be more exact. It’s nice to have a way to diversify your loans. If anything, it allows you to spread the risks and that really makes things better and easier for you. Obviously there will still be challenges and problems that may appear, and the return on investment can be great if you pick the best system here.

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Buyback guarantee

Grupeer also comes with a buyback guarantee for all the loans and that also covers autoinvest. Basically, if something does end up happening and those companies that got money from Grupeer won’t pay up their loans, you will still get your money back and the interest that was promised. Having a guaranteed amount helps you avoid any possible problems that can and may appear at times.

That doesn’t mean it will be an easy thing to consider, but if you know what you are getting into you will find that the results will be really exciting as a whole. Like many other platforms out there, this one doesn’t have a secondary market. Unlike those platforms, they are working on implementing one. If that will happen in the future, it will be a great approach towards making even more money with your investments. But for now that’s still in the planning phase, and realistically there’s no real date which we might consider to be accurate at this time.

How does it work?

Grupeer is pretty easy to get into. First you have to create an account and then you have to select how much you want to invest. You will deposit funds first and then you can choose the investment. This actually sounds like a better idea, but obviously it has its own pros and cons. For the most part we found this to be quite convenient and easy to use. Once you do that you will have to select what you want to invest in and then you have to wait.

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After the designated amount of time you will receive the initial investment and the profit that was promised. Grupeer is a transparent website, so they are indeed offering exactly what was promised and you will have a great result due to that. It’s way more convenient this way and it can obviously be handled a lot easier if you do it adequately. It’s still coming with its fair share of potential risks just like other sites like this, but unlike those they did pay up hundreds of investors. And there are people that have been investing in this since the beginning. It’s a really interesting opportunity for investors to make some extra money and it’s certainly worth the effort.

Payment and loan types

Grupeer comes with the regular investment patterns. Basically it has the monthly and annual payments. It’s a great system and it’s still nice that you have monthly payments, as that’s where most people will gravitate towards. It will still work a lot better than you might imagine just because all the information is transparent and you know everything about the investment beforehand.

Apparently, Grupeer comes with high returns, these are higher than 42% of all competitors. It’s also great that they are offering immediate cashback too. The industry can be insecure at times, so having immediate cashback regardless of what happens really helps a lot. It shows you that there are no major risks, if any at all. That alone will make things better and more convenient, and it does bring in front some nifty ideas for you to explore.

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Should you use Grupeer?

The rates are competitive, they go up to 15%. The loan information is very detailed and we also like the fact that you can diversify your investments in order to spread the risks for yourself. There’s a buyback guarantee too, which eliminates most of the uncertainties that appear in this industry. The customer service is very fast and helpful, and they are quite transparent when it comes to who uses your money and how much you will get in return.

There’s no option to cancel the investment and you only have business loans available for now. There aren’t a ton of companies working with Grupeer, but they did manage to acquire more investors recently, which is quite a helpful thing to have.

As a whole Grupeer does have plenty of incentives and you will enjoy using it quite a bit. Yes, it could be improved with some features, but it’s certainly convenient and a pleasure to use. It’s one of the best investment platforms out there and if they continue improving it, then it might become the best out there!

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