Estateguru Review (2019)

How to Invest Money

Estateguru does what lots of other platforms tend to focus on, and that’s offering P2P loans backed by real estate. This is a very good idea, because real estate properties are known to keep their value in the long run. As a result, this is maybe one of the safest ways to invest in P2P loans without having to worry about any downsides or anything like that.

How does Estateguru work?

The way this works is simple. If you want a loan from Estateguru you just contact them directly and send an offer. If it’s a good one, it will be posted on the platform and people will start investing. I like this approach a lot because every investment opportunity is vetted by the Estateguru platform itself. Investors need some protection and having something like that does pay off very well. There will be obvious challenges when it comes to handling real estate challenges, but for the most part it does work quite nicely and it’s super adaptable to your own requirements.

Interface and deals

After browsing the platform and using it for quite some time, I found that the interest rates tend to change quite a bit. But if you want to have a good idea of what you can expect, usually the interest rates will be around 11%, sometimes a bit more and sometimes a bit less. It’s still more than ok, but for the most part you do receive a great ROI and the security that you expect from a real estate backing.

Regarding the interface, I found it to be functional. There are other platforms with easier to use interfaces. But for the most part the interface is very good here and it certainly helps get the job done a whole lot better than you might imagine. It does take a little bit of time to get used to this platform and the system they use, but it’s a great system nonetheless and it will work quite well.

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They’ve been in business since 2013 and since then the interface did end up with quite a lot of changes. It’s still not the perfect dashboard for sure, but it constantly improves and that does count for something here.


What makes Estateguru unique is the fact that every investment project isn’t open indefinitely. It is open  for 2 weeks, so they can acquire funds for a very limited time. That encourages the borrowers to present their business in a very meaningful and professional way. It certainly works and it can be adapted and adjusted in a rather exciting method that you will enjoy here. If the funding goal is not reached, then the funds are returned to every investor. This means there aren’t that many risks for investors to begin with. Even if the potential investment falls off, you can find some other ways to get the job done and that on its own is a very special and professional approach.

Interest rates

Most of the time Estateguru doesn’t offer very high interest rates. That can be a bummer especially if you want to invest here quite a bit. There are however lots of investment opportunities. There’s definitely volume to be had here, something that a lot of people are indeed looking for. But that comes at the detriment of actually earning a lot of money from your investments. It’s always a very good idea to at least test this out and figure out whether it will work for you or not. The quality is great and the fact that you have so many options certainly comes in handy.

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Secondary market

This is a tough subject because Estateguru doesn’t have a secondary market. Obviously this becomes an issue because the investment is more limited than you might imagine. You can invest, but getting out of that investment is harder due to that. It does take some time to get into it for sure, but the ROI will be huge if you study every investment before getting into it.

I did find that the loan information is very well established and shared with the customers. So they aren’t really pushing you into anything. You have all the information provided and ready to go, all you need is to check out everything and ensure that it suits your needs the way you expect. It certainly works in a masterful manner, although it might take some time to get it done the way you want. Still, the lack of a secondary market is bad for some people.

Automatic investments

Estateguru has automatic investment features. And based on what I used and how they are defined, I found them to be very expressive and professional. You have all the stuff already in there and ready to go. It does take a little bit of time to adapt and adjust everything, but once you customize the process you are good to go. They are very professional here and the automatic system actually works the way you expect. Manual investments are still bringing in the best value, but if you take your time and invest in a masterful way you will be more than ok.

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The reason why I would recommend manual investments is because you always get notified when there are new opportunities to invest on Estateguru. So you know there’s an investment there anyways, might as well do it yourself. If you want to ignore that and just focus on other tasks, Estateguru’s automated investment tool will work really well and it can provide resounding benefits.

Should you use Estateguru?

Based on my experience Estateguru is a fantastic system and it does work really well. It might take a bit of time to get the right results from it but it will work quite nicely. They don’t have the highest interest rates out there, so that can be a bit of a bummer. But on the other hand they are a valid and professional platform. You get paid as promised and the real estate backing offers even more security. So yes, Estateguru deserves your time and if you want to invest this might be one of the best platforms you can use right now!

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