Don’t miss your chance! Interest rate – 19.50% per annum.

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Energy production plant – Coming soon

After 5 days new project will open at Crowdestor.


An energy company is planning to raise capital to develop a 15 MW biomass boiler house located in industrial zone of Riga city. Energy production plant is going to be connected to district heating system of Riga.

District heating system in Riga is owned and managed by municipality owned operator JSC “Rigas Siltums” which buys thermal power from independent energy producers. There are only seven energy production plants in Riga.

The shareholder of development company is well known and experienced in energy sector – owns and manages the same size and type energy plant, a 15 MW biomass boiler house which is, as previously mentioned, one of the seven thermal power production plants in Riga. 

Current investment opportunity offers CROWDESTOR investors to make a loan with 19.50% annual interest rate.

Minimum target to be raised in CROWDESTOR platform is EUR 200 000,00 and the maximum target is EUR 450 000.00.


Minimum target – EUR 200 000,00.

Maximum target – EUR 450 000,00.

Loan Term – 24 months. Interest rate – 19.50% per annum.

Let start making money before it is all gone.

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