Bondora Review (2019)

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Bondora is one of the older peer to peer lending networks out there. It was created in 2009 and according to them they processed around 1 billion Euros of loans since they opened. Just like many other European-owned P2P lending companies, it’s mostly available to people in Europe, but those from the US can still invest in it. The idea is that you will have to use Euros to get an accurate idea of your investment. But it will be ok for the most part.


The Bondora interface is pretty basic. It certainly looks ok, but for the most part you will notice that it just doesn’t deliver the visual appeal that other platforms do. The dashboard feels convoluted at times and that’s because they add lots of information that might not be necessary.

What a lot of people will dislike here is that they do require you to share some very personal information. This can be marital status, employment status, work experience and existing liabilities. This is not the kind of thing that a lot of people want to share, so it’s easy to see why some persons might dislike this. I don’t find this relevant to the investment experience, so it’s the kind of data that you shouldn’t provide as it will be unimportant for the most part.

On the other hand you do get the opportunity to choose the loan term, country, loan information, see the expected loss or return and so on. As I mentioned above, the interface looks ok but it could be improved quite a bit for the most part. You will notice that they also change the dashboard at times too, which can be quite confusing if you’re used to invest at your own pace and not have anyone mess with it.

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Profit value and returns

A thing to keep in mind about Bondora is that it does have a pretty good return rate. Obviously this will vary from one loan to the other. The downside for them is that they did have some scammy loans that they eventually removed. But it was definitely a problem and a precedent for something like that happening again at some point. It might not happen, or it might very well happen. It’s really hard to know what and how all these things can appear and that’s why you really need to check every Bondora review and personal experience you can find. You will find 14% interest rates, but there are some lower values in there too.

You will find people that had very good luck with Bondora and others that left because they didn’t get the money. Yes, the site has been around for a very long time but it could always improve and the fact that it does have its fair share of problems doesn’t make it that appealing to most customers. It’s certainly not bad, but they have to work on finding better investment opportunities as some of their history is convoluted at best.

Underwriting process

Bondora states that they have an underwriting process. They collect data and pass it through a fraud detection and identification. Obviously the rates will differ quite a bit to the point where you don’t really know what to expect and what results are there as a whole. It’s still too much information required there, something that might be in the detriment of the company rather than helping it. They are identifying borrowers via mobile numbers, bank accounts, IDs and so on.

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If there are any defaulters, the company is directing all of that to the debt collection agencies and the courts. It’s quite an interesting thing to see here as they do want to give you a good return, and the system seems to be in place for the most part.

Automatic reinvestment

They added an automatic investment tool that seems to work quite well for some people. Portfolio Manager lets you set the risk and return level and the Bondora algorithm will do the rest. I personally find this to be a very bad idea. Letting an algorithm to customize what you should do in the first place won’t always go well. It might be good, but it also has a high potential to be very bad.

Portfolio Pro allows you to select rules, so this is by far the best automatic tool you can use. I like the fact that they bring in plenty of customization options, so you’re never held to the ground due to some improper and not that reliable investment opportunities. For the most part it will work properly, but it’s still a good idea to invest manually if you do plan on using this platform.

What do customers believe about Bondora?

The reason why Bondora has lots of negative reviews online is mostly because they always tend to change very important stuff as an experiment. They expanded to the Spanish market at one point and most of those loans defaulted and the returns were obviously bad for the investors. They didn’t offer the right transparency most of the time, and obviously this ended up hurting their business to begin with.

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And unfortunately Bondora doesn’t really have a great communication with investors. A P2P investment company must focus on proper investments as otherwise there will be problems. The unfortunate issue with Bondora is that it doesn’t represent the investor interest, which is unfortunate because they are the backbone of this system.

That’s why it can be very hard to recommend Bondora, as this platform is not that user-friendly. The interface could be improved for sure, and the fact that you have a steep learning curve is obviously bad for customers to begin with. The attention to what investors want and say could be a lot better. And overall it seems that this is not the type of platform which people are bound to use again and again. As an investor you want reliability and promise, with Bondora you don’t really get that and it’s a shame!

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